Aquascaping Workshop

Singapore's Best Aquascaping Workshop 

Looking for an innovative and memorable bonding activity you can enjoy with your friends, coworkers or customers? Well look no further! 

Join our next aquascaping workshop for beginners! Led by an Aquascape Expert who provides you with the theory and hands-on skills for designing your own planted aquarium, introducing fish to your aquarium and keeping your fishes and plants healthy.

Learning Outcomes:

1)Prepare your aquarium (E.g. Clean your aquarium, choose the right location to place your aquarium, etc.).

2)The different styles of aquascaping so you can find the style that matches your individual personality and tastes.

3)Create and compose the substrate, select, arrange and plant suitable aquatic plants, as well as develop a layout.

4)Condition the water in your aquarium.

5)Cycle your aquarium.

6)Introduce fishes and shrimps to your planted tank and feed your fishes and shrimps.

7)Set up a maintenance routine to ensure healthy, vibrant fishes, shrimps and plants over the long term.









Delivery Method: Public or Private + Virtual or Offline

Short Course: 2 Hours for 1 Day

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