Build A Chinese New Year Hamper 


Usher in the Lunar New Year and send wishes of prosperity, abundance and good health to your loved ones and business partners with our hampers!



Hamper 1 has been built for you. Simply add Hamper 1 to your cart and click Checkout!


Follow the following steps to build your own hamper (Hamper 2 OR Hamper 3):

Basic Starter Kit (E.g. Tank and Filter) has been chosen for you. Upon choosing your desired aquarium accessories, write the aquarium accessories’ code (E.g. AA237, PP296 and ICP3-1) under the “Add a note” section so that we know which items you have selected. 

Customize Hamper Set-01.png
Customize Hamper Set-02.png
Hamper 2.png
Customize Hamper Set-03.png
Hamper 3.png