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Freshwater Aquarium & Woodworking Workshop-Sustainable & Eco-friendly way for Families


Spend a day with us attending Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) and Qian Hu Corporation “Sustainable & Eco-friendly Freshwater Aquarium & Woodworking Workshop” at GUI’s woodworking workshop! 

Decorate and bring home a freshwater aquarium with a vintage wood frame that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Other than learning from an expert on how to set up your first freshwater aquarium and a craftsman on woodworking, you will also learn about how sustainable and environmentally friendly practices can be incorporated into your fish tank set.


So, if you and your family are looking for a fun and creative workshop that allows you to reduce your environmental footprint, then join our workshop today!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Suitable for Families 

  • No prior experience required

First Session of the workshop: 


  • Take a tour around GUI's woodworking workshop in the rustic Kampung Kampas in Yishun.

  • Learn about wood medium and the GUI's sustainable practice in recycling used pallet wood.

  • You will be guided to make your very own vintage wood frame for your glass fish tank using woodworking tools such as saw, hammer, nails, drill, measuring tape, sandpaper, etc.

Second Session of the workshop:

Fish Keeping

  • Learn how sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are incorporated into your fish tank set. 

  • Introduce participants to the theory of setting up a freshwater aquarium, providing them with the skills needed to set up a freshwater aquarium independently at home. 

  1. Prepare your tank (E.g. Clean your tank, choose the right location to place your tank, etc.).

  2. Create and compose the substrate as well as decorate your tank with ornaments.

  3. Install the equipment (E.g. Filter and LED light) in your tank.

  4. Cycle your tank.

  5. Introduce fishes and shrimps to your aquarium and feed them.

  6. Set up a maintenance routine to ensure healthy, vibrant fishes and shrimps over the long term.

Exclusive Promotions & Deals will be revealed at the end of the workshop!

*Min 5 pax to commence

Dates: TBC

Venue: 91 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun) Singapore 769201

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