Celebrate Father's Day this weekend (on Sat 19 Jun 2021) with an awesome afternoon of fun activities for Dad and the whole family at the comfort of your home! 








What's In Store!


Take part in a 2-hour Zoom Aquascaping workshop conducted by an Aquascaping expert. ​​

Learning Outcomes:

1)Learn how to prepare your aquarium (E.g. Clean your aquarium, choose the right location to place your aquarium, etc.).

2)Learn about the different styles of aquascaping so you can find the style that matches your individual personality and tastes.

3)Learn how to create and compose the substrate, select, arrange and plant suitable aquatic plants, as well as develop a layout.

4)Learn how to condition the water in your aquarium.

5)Learn how to cycle your aquarium.

6)Learn how to introduce fishes and shrimps to your planted tank and feed your fishes and shrimps.

7)Learn how to set up a maintenance routine to ensure healthy, vibrant fishes, shrimps and plants over the long term.

Workshop will include:

1)Aquarium Tank: OF® U-Tank Series (U-30), 30 x 17 x 20cm

2)Aquarium Filter: OF® Ultra Slim Hang On Filter-US-Baby

3)Aquarium Lighting: Aqua Zonic® EVO Mini LED, 25cm - XLED (25-33cm)

4)Aquarium Water Conditioner: Ocean Free® New Water Guard, 120ml

5)Aquarium Plant Substrate: OF® Aqua Gro Plants & Shrimp Soil, 2L

6)Aquarium Driftwood, SS size (3 pieces/pack)

7)Aquatic Plants + Rocks

8)Aquascaping Tool: Ocean Free® Angle Tip P/F Tong, 27cm

9)Training Fee

10)A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for the Aquascaping Workshop, Planting, Styling, Adding Fishes & Maintaining Beautiful Aquarium 

FREE Delivery of Tank Set to your home! 


Honor your father with an afternoon tea that is sure to make him smile!

High Tea Set:

1)Original burnt cheesecake
2)S'moreo levain-style cookie
3)Matcha dulcey cookie
4)Belgian dark chocolate brownie
5)Speculoos brownie
6)Cranberry scone with homemade Japanese strawberry jam


Exclusive Promotions & Deals will be revealed at the end of the workshop!