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What should be considered when fish stocking aquariums?

How much fish can my aquarium tank hold? How much fish is too much? Is there room for one more fish? These are some of the many questions asked by new hobbyists in fishkeeping. With this question in mind, we have decided to create a general guide to help out the fishkeeping community, especially new hobbyists, to prevent overstocking their fish tanks. Overstocking aquariums can unbalance the “ecosystem” within the aquarium, which may ultimately lead to undesirable consequences without proper maintenance.

How much fish can I add into my aquarium?

Maintaining a well-balanced “ecosystem” is important. This includes the amount of fish and plants in the tank, as well as the amount of fertilizers and light provided, etc. Therefore, the fish stocking calculator is created as a general guide to prevent overstocking.

+The calculated figure should only be used as a recommended maximum amount of fish allowed in the aquarium.

Want to find out how much flow rate is required for your tank? Click here to find out more.

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