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OF® AR-G1 is a premium Arowana carnivorous pelleted feed that excels in all grow-out conditions and function. This revolutionary product from Qian Hu Arowana Nutrition Research is bio-formulated to boost health, growth and beauty of your Arowana. We have analysed the amino acid profile of Arowanas and blended this formulation especially for Arowanas. This feed contains purely highly digestible and absorbable aquatic animal protein that is easily metabolized by the Arowana carnivorous digestive system. Our formulation improves the palatability by 60%, you will only need very short acclimatization period. Only the finest ingredients are used to ensure that your Arowana receives nutrition of the highest quality.


Features :

• Enriched with OF® OptiAR Carnivorous Metabolic Enhancer that enhances Food Conversion Rate ( FCR ), increases the palatability ( by 60% ), boosts growth, improves health, and reduces mortality. • Fortifies immune system OF® AR-G1 is bio-formulated to fortify the Arowana’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases.

• Enhances growth through superior digestive Performance OF® AR-G1 helps maintain superior digestive performance during high levels of feeding.

• Superior colour enhancement OF® AR-G1 is rich with natural ingredients that brings out and intensifies your Arowana’s colour.

• No Artificial chemical colouring / enhancer added No artificial chemical colouring agent is added, the pellet encompasses only colours originating from natural organic sources.

• Pure animal protein feed All proteins otherwise is pure highly digestible aquatic animal protein that can be metabolize by the Arowana carnivorous digestive system.

• Better water quality As a result of high FCR and our proprietary binder This floating type pellet also does not cloud your pond / tank water.

Arowana Carnivorous Pellet (1kg)

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