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• Low Energy Consumption • Stainless Steel Casing • Low Voltage ( 12V ) • Changeable Illumination Modes • Adjustable Brightness • Waterproof • Remote Controlled ( GPS system - 25-30m effective radius )


AQUA ZONIC LED SPOT LIGHT is designed for the discerning homeowner with keen eye for design and function. The solid stainless steel casing coupled with rubber sealing detail ensures a construction built to last in outdoor & underwater conditions. In addition, the energy saving LED bulbs enables users to keep their gardens and ponds illuminated through the night whilst using less electricity. * What’s more, AZ LED Spot Light possesses remote control functionality which allows users to control brightness, illumination modes and on/off from the comforts of their home. Now you can be rewarded with a truly stunning night time illumination display in your garden.


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