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• True Functional Design / Simplicity is more.

• Internal Filtration (Biological & Mechanical)

• Full LED Illumination

• Removable cover for easy maintenance

• Energy Saving * ECO45 / 60 is a sleek aquarium tank that combines function with aesthetics.



1. Energy Saving

Lower electricity consumption results in greater saving for you over time.

2. Removable Cover with Feeding Flap

We’ve designed a cover that is durable and strong, yet still easy to lift when maintaining your tank. A full length flap is included for ease of feeding and access.

3. LED Lighting System

The energy-saving LED lighting system incorporated under the sturdy tank lid provides good light penetration and creates beautiful, stunning ripple effects.

4. Quality Glass Workmanship

Good glass and silicon workmanship ensures tank remain leak proof for many years of fish-keeping pleasure.

5. Internal Filtration

The compact Internal Filter offers efficient biological and mechanical filtration to keep your aquarium water clean and clear


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