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• 4-Stage Water Purification 

Hydra Filtron’s 4-Stage Water Purification goes beyond the conventional 3 stage filtration (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical), with the incorporation of the revolutionary Hydro-pure Technology that uses Hydroxyl Radicals (•OH) to accelerate the startup time from the usual 4-5 weeks to within 1 week, reduces water odour, and retains a crystal clear tank. The result is a cleaner and healthier aquarium the natural way without any harmful chemical

• One Pull Priming | A quick pull and push of the Primer draws water into the canister making it ready to use

• Valve for Easy Maintenance | Valve controls at the inlet and outlet pipes eliminate the hassle of dealing with water spills during maintenance

• Surface Skimmer | Removes unsightly surface oil film to improve oxygen exchange and increase light penetration at water surface

OF Hydra Filtron Filter/Skimmer

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