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1)Derived from pollution-free resources and processed using 3DM technology to ensure that there are no parasite worms, microorganisms or parasitic materials. It is absolutely free of viruses and harmful bacteria.


2)Its pure white colour makes the seawater aquarium look more beautiful. The clean white and three-dimensional look, effectively improves the efficiency of the photogenic source by more than 30%.


3)It contains natural calcium required by seawater organisms, and also naturally occurring important magnesium, which provides more comprehensive elements for seawater organisms, which ordinary coral sand cannot provide.


4)Not mined from the natural sea, it protects the environment and does not destroy our natural environment.


5)The quality is guaranteed, the supply is stable, and there will be no shortage of supply.


6)It settles to the bottom quickly (1 to 3 hours) and the water becomes clear faster, especially when setting up a new tank.



-Rinse the 3DM Natural seawater sand with some clean water to wash away the fine particle dust on the surface, so that the water in the fish tank will be clear faster after the setup.


Usage Amount

-Fill the tank base with sand leveled to at least 3 to 5cm. For hobbyists with special requirements, the sand can be leveled to around 7.5cm.

OF 3DM Natural Seawater Minerals Sand 5kg

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