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• Long term effectiveness. This product can slowly release the nutrients for the roots of the plants more than a 12 months period • Product is made of natural non-polluted fertile soil as raw material which is also fortified with essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients • This plant soil had gone through special cleaning technology which makes it clean for immediate usage in the tank • The plant soil is made into special size / shape and also able to buffer the water to perfect PH. This product also has high porosity surface that encourage good beneficial bacterial colony and the size / shape is made for good rooting of the plants. Additionally, water is able to pass through this plant soil with ease to encourage good dissolve oxygen exchange • This plant soil will buffer the PH readings to the range of 6.5 - 7.0 which is considered to be of slight acidity. A good environment to control algae growth and also suitable for most aquatic plants, Discus, Tetras, River Fishes and other soft water environmental fishes • Good media to maintain the PH reading to stable 6.5 - 7.0 range that is ideal environment for plants and fishes. Also a good media for the nurture of beneficial bacterial • Due to its natural shape / color, the tank will look a lot more natural and brings on visual to the tank


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