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BP-G1 Blood Parrot pellet is the latest technological breakthrough in fish nutrition for Blood Parrot Fish. Our feed will improve the colour development in your beloved Blood Parrot and also improve the contour of the Nuchal Hump. This feed is specially formulated to suit the unique development of hybrid fishes such as Blood Parrot fish and is suitable for all Blood Parrots or King Kong Parrot breeds. Most importantly, BP-G1 Blood Parrot pellet is a guaranteed hormone-free product that uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your blood parrot receives nutrition of the highest quality.


Features :

• BP-G1 Blood Parrot pellet is a state-of-the-art scientifically formulated fish feed that will induce speedy head growth and colour development for the juvenile Blood Parrots breeds including King Kong Parrot. Contour of the head growth and redness will improve through consistent feeding.

• Our proprietary feed attractant increases palatibility to ensure optimal consumption of feed.

• BP-G1 Blood Parrot pellet contains a special Head Growth Enhancing ingredient, this helps in faster overall growth and most importantly the head growth.

• High content of natural Spirulina strains and a cocktail of deep sea zooplankton extracts with other natural color enhancing elements that will improve the fish’s coloration in 1-2 weeks.

• Bio-formulated with immune-enhancing substances that fortify your Blood Parrot’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases.

• Contains OF® Opti-BP, a thoroughly tested Carnivorous Metabolic Enhancer that enhances the feed’s digestibility and absorbability by at least 30%. Opti-BP also improves the growth of the finnage by channeling nutrients to the veterbrate and bones.


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