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The Hydra Stream is the world’s first Aquatic Depurator powered by Hydro-pure Technology. It greatly improves your existing aquatic filtration system by enhancing the natural filtration and detoxification processes by more than 50%.

This constant detoxification process results in biologically clean and safe pristine water quality for your fishes, maintains water quality effectively thus reducing frequency of water change. Note: Not for use in marine water

Breaks Down Protein and Nutrients

Detoxify Ammonia & Nitrite

Create and Maintain Safe and Stable Pristine "Hydro-Pure Water"

EF147 Freshwater Hydra Stream 1 For Tank <300 ( 300 - 1000 L/H ) 1.1W 1.5m 4 pcs carbon

EF148 Freshwater Hydra Stream 2 For Tank <600 ( 500 - 2000 L/H ) 1.3W 1.5m 6 pcs carbon

EF149 Freshwater Hydra Stream 3 For Tank <1000 ( 800 - 3000 L/H ) 1.5W 1.5m 8 pcs carbon


OF Freshwater Hydra STREAM

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