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HYDRA Aquatic Depurator ( Powered by “HYDRO-PURE technology” ) that constantly produces OH radicals to detoxify harmful toxins in the water, HYDRA Aquatic Depurator makes fishkeeping a breeze.

• Minimizes frequency of water change thus saving time and greater savings on their utility bills.

• Reduces mortality rate of fish by maintaining safe and stable pristine “Hydro-Pure Water”.

• Minimizes unpleasant smell from aquarium water. HYDRA Aquatic Depurator ( Powered by “HYDRO-PURE technology” ) comes in various sizes that best suits every aquarium; be it Marine or Freshwater.

• Breaks Down Protein and Nutrients

• Detoxify Ammonia (NH3) & Nitrite (NO2 - )

• Create and Maintain Safe and Stable Pristine “ Hydro-Pure Water ”

IF101 Hydra 20 For Tank Between 50-100 L (400 L/H) 6 W 

IF102 Hydra 30 For Tank Between 100-200 L (600 L/H) 7.5 W 

IF103 Hydra 40 For Tank Between 200-500 L (800 L/H) 10 W 

IF104 Hydra 50 For Tank Between 500-800 L (1000 L/H) 15 W 


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