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OF® Decap Artemia Eggs are from non-polluting environment and are not hatched during the dormant period. These eggs are treated carefully with high technology during the process of decap, leaving a thin layer to surround the bright orange embryos, retaining the original high protein and others various of amino acids that can be absorb by newly hatched fish and shrimp. It’s a rare feed that are hard to come by, a perfect feed for fry / juvenile fish and shrimp. Feature of OF® Decap Artemina Eggs: 1. Easy to transport and store. Store at normal cool room temperature. 2. Using high technology to decap, ensure nutrition is perfectly preserved, safe and reliable to use. 3. The Decap Artemia Eggs is produce by OF® which contain various of nutritional value that are better compare to hatched juvenile shrimp as it saves the energy consumed by the larvae. 4. The protein, amino acids and various important enzymes of the Decap Artemia Eggs by OF® are preserved intact and its nutrition meets the needs for the growth of fry / juvenile fish and shrimp. 5. Suitable for fresh / marine fish and shrimp.


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