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OF® SMART-UVC Internal Filter incorporates Mechanical & Biological Filtration and UV-C Sterilization to keep your water clean and your fishes healthy. It is suitable for all tropical aquarium setup.



• Keeps water clean and clear.

• Controls green water ( free floating algae ) without chemical usage.

• Germicidal UV-C Bulb is effective in disease prevention by eliminating harmful floating bacteria pathogens & fungal spores.

• Easy to use; no complicated installation required.

• Adjustable water flow direction. • Adjustable water flow-rate. • Quiet and efficient. • 1 year warranty excluding UV Lamp. Installation 1. Check that UV and UV Glass Cover are not cracked. 2. Filling your aquarium to your preferred water level before installation will give you a better indication of where to position the unit. 3. Once the position is determined, use suction cups to secure the unit to the inner glass surface of your aquarium. 4. Plug in the power cord; please create a drip loop to prevent water that is running down the power cable from reaching the power plug. 5. Ensure that the appliance is properly secure before turning the power on.


SKU: IF106000300
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