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Natural color enhancer feed that induces lion head growth, increase shine of scales and trim fish body shape. Suitable for all common to premium grade goldfish’s use. • Ocean Free XO Premium Gold is a feed derived under long lab research and with the consultation with top goldfish breeders. This is a premium multi-use feed that suit goldfishes of all grades and types. A must have break through feed for all goldfishes • Feed contains high percentage of Krill, Carotene, Spirulina, Natural Color Enhancing Formula to bring out intense redness and scale shine. Special fish protein added to induce lion head growth. High-grade wheat germ also included to increase fibre to assist in digestion to attain good body shape growth • Special Immune Substance, multi vitamins, minerals and trace elements are added in order to build up body resistance and reduce chances of contracting diseases. Feed is fortified with beneficial bacterial in order not to alter water quality


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