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Product Features

• AC / DC Power Supply. Never worry about batteries going flat again! • Digital Control Panel. User friendly and easy to program. • 6 Programmable Feed Times. Keep your fish well fed throughout the day with up to 6 programmable feeding times per day. • Adjustable Feed Duration. Choose between 5 different feeding durations to determine the amount of pellets to be dispensed during each feeding session. • Manual Feed Mode. Activate the manual feed mode to dispense pellets any time you like! • Wide Area of Coverage. The Spindle Brush distributes pellets over a wide feed coverage area. • Suitable with Different Pellet Sizes. Compatible with pellet feed from 3mm – 7mm. • Easy to Use. User-friendly control panel with digital LED display. • Low power consumption. Energy saving design and components. • Safe. DC low voltage operation.


SKU: PDA00080400
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