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High performance amphibious pump with cage pre-filter

• Robust Pump Cage Pre-filte

• Provides Strong & Constant Water Flow

• Energy-saving Inverter Technology

• Tough Closed Impeller & Rotor system

• Silent, Tough and Durable Design

• Low Energy Consumption



Ponddpro RAPID SHIELD is designed and built to provide reliable pumping performance in challenging conditions.

• Tough and durable design for high performance water output.

• Robust ribbed Pump Cage Pre-filter offers excellent protection against clogging by filtering out solid particles ( >8mm ) and fallen leaves, significantly extending pump performance and durability. • Tough Closed Impeller & Rotor system delivers high performance with added durability.

• Interchangeable Parts allows easy replacement of parts to maintain performance level.

• Eco-friendly Invertor Technology reduces energy consumption.


S$147.66 Regular Price
S$88.60Sale Price
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