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BIO-RX is a high performance fish health conditioner specially formulated to boost the immune system of Marine life against any disease state. Made from 100% natural herbal extracts which were carefully extracted to preserve the efficacy and potency of the herbs, BIO-RX is safe for all marine life including corals and has been subjected to intensive tests in collaboration with marine life breeding farms and professional hobbyists. Coral and Fish Safe BIO-RX is herbal based and all natural. It is safe for use in aquariums with corals without any side effects.


Features and Benefits:

1. Herbal conditioner that prevents and responds to bacteria disease, parasite attacks, fungal infections and gills-related infections.

2. An effective prophylactic health conditioner that boosts the immune system of Marine life when dosed weekly.

3. Made of 100% natural herbal extracts that is safe for all marine life including corals.

4. Reduces cross-contamination between infected fish and healthy fish.

5. Will not cloud water or affect your tank’s water quality


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