RevoReef carefully selects and test each ingredient, using only the finest and pollution-free ingredients in the composition and production of MARINE CRYSTAL. In order to guarantee that all essential elements have been perfectly mixed, each batch is analysed and monitored using delicate marine animals and plants in laboratory aquatic systems, with live and thriving marine organisms being the best indicator of quality. RevoReef MARINE CRYSTAL synthetic sea salt is specially formulated for closed reef systems and is enriched with an additional measure of components essential to reef hobbyists.

1. Additional Calcium- Additional calcium has been shown to be beneficial as many reef organisms build shells or skeletal structures with calcium extracted from the water. Calcium quickly depletes if not replenished back into the water. MARINE CRYSTAL contains calcium in concentrations above natural sea water, boosting growth, development and does away with the need for separate calcium supplements.

2. Additional Trace Elements- Trace elements in solution are required by marine algae and also greatly benefits reef organisms that contain symbiotic algae in their tissues. MARINE CRYSTAL contains additional trace elements above natural sea water concentrations and in chelated form for extended availability. The additional trace elements do away with the need for separate trace element supplements.

3. Additional Strontium- Provides densely populated reef aquariums with additional Strontium for optimal growth, healthy development of corals and organisms that calcify. The additional Strontium does away with the need for separate Strontium supplements.

4. Additional Magnesium- Provides an optimized addition of Magnesium, an important ion, which helps to maintain proper levels of calcium and alkalinity in reef aquariums.

5. KH Buffers- use of specific buffering raw materials to maintain the KH value for an extended period.


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