What are the factors to consider when determining required flow?

Many factors come into play when it comes to selecting an aquarium filter with a suitable flow rate for your aquarium. These includes but is not limited to:

  • the size of your fish tank

  • type of fish

  • number of fish

  • feed type

  • feeding frequency

  • frequency of water changes

Thus, it is vital to understand how filtration work and keep your water clean so that your fish, plants or corals will survive, and ultimately thrive. With the above mentioned, the choice of filters available in the market is overwhelming and very often beginners face an uphill task choosing the suitable ones for their aquariums. Hence, this Aquarium Tank Volume and Filter Flow Rate Calculator was set up to guide hobbyists.

How much flow rate do I need for my filter?

Water flow is important as it brings the water from the aquarium to the filter. The filtration process is what keeps the water clean and healthy for your fishes. However, it can be stressful for the fish if the flow is too strong. Imagine swimming against strong currents for 24 hours a day, that will ultimately tire the fish out. On the other hand, a weak flow will result in poor water circulation and probably insufficient filtration.

Use the calculator to help you calculate your tank volume and also estimate the minimum recommended filter flow rate required for your aquarium.

+The calculated figure only serves as a general guide for choosing the suitable filter with the proper flow rate for your aquarium. Please consider other factors that may affect the bioload of your tank. Filters with higher capacity will be required for tanks with high bioload.

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