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AMPHI PLUS is a variable speed pump designed and built for reliable pumping performance. The Inverter Technology allows efficient use of energy with energy savings of up to 70% while retaining strong and consistent water flow. • Adjustable Flowrate. Programmable to run at different flow-rates for wider applications, e.g. flowrate can be reduced at night to allow fish to rest, etc. • Advanced User Controls. 5-Speed | 15/60mins Feed Mode | Previous Setting Memory. • Inverter Technology. Energy savings of up to 70% while maintaining strong flowrate. • Intelligent Motor-Overheat Protection. Prevents the pump from overheating due to pump running without water, stalling of impeller and surge of electrical current. • Tough Attrition-Resistant Impeller. Wear-resistant and provides better performance. • Multiple Sealing of Electronics. Electronics are encased in epoxy-resin for added protection.


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