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• LED WATER TEMPERATURE DISPLAY • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION • ENERGY SAVING • FOR FRESH & SALT WATER • MAINTENANCE FREE • SPECIAL SHATTER - RESISTANT SAFETY GLASS AZ LED Aquarium Heater is made with novice and expert fish hobbyist in mind. Designed with the latest precise temperature control technology and highest quality materials, you cannot go wrong with AZ LED Aquarium Heater. Temperature control is accurate and consistent ensuring all your aquatic friends are in safe hands. All it takes is to set your desired temperature with the temperature control dial, fixed provided Heater Guard, submerge and fasten AZ LED in the tank and it is that simple. AZ LED will maintain desired temperature throughout and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. • This heater is made with special high temperature shatter-resistant quality quartz glass tube. The glass tube can be held intact even with extreme temperature changes. This ensures safety to users as well as your aquarium livestock. Made totally water proofed with double inner sealing design to prevent water and electrical leakage. • High instant heating capability as the heating element is made from high quality heating wire which is durable, instant heat transmission and has long life span. This product is energy saving too and environmentally friendly. • This product is being tested over a span of period with positive result as a reliable aquarium temperature control unit. The temperature range is from 16˚C to 32˚C.

AZ LED HEATER 300W(250L-450L)

SKU: HT049000100
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