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OF® 3DM Bacto-Rock is a filtration-medium shaped to resemble a natural rock, allowing you to create a beautiful natural environment for your fishes while keeping your water clean! This macro-porous and tough ‘rock’ greatly boosts the beneficial bacteria population and increases the rate at which harmful toxins like Ammonia and Nitrite are broken down. Crafted entirely using advanced manufacturing technology, it is a sterilized, pH-neutral rock that does not contain any impurities, algae or pest making it 100% safe and 100% ready to use. What are the advantages of OF® 3DM BACTO-ROCK? • Macro-Porous structure for Beneficial Bacteria. Advanced manufacturing and high temperature processes has given OF® 3DM Bacto-Rocks their distinctive lightweight, tough and porous structure. Within the tough exterior lies cavities all interlinked by micro-tunnels. • Reduces Ammonia and Nitrite. The cavities and interlinked micro-tunnels increase the overall effective BET surface area ( 1000m2 / litre ); creating ideal conditions for billions of Beneficial Bacteria that helps break down harmful toxins like Ammonia and Nitrite. • No cleaning required. 100% sterile, free of impurities, algae and pests making it 100% safe and 100% ready to use. • pH Neutral. Does not affect pH levels. • Environmentally green product. An environmentally friendly alternative which replaces the need to harvest rocks from nature. • Easy to form your dream scape. 3DM Bacto-Rock is easy to stack, interlock or decorate to form the natural looking rock scapethat you’ve always wanted!


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