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“3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” helps to eliminate acidosis that might cause malfunction of fish organ leading to slow growth rate, decrease in egg production, reduces of PH in blood while concentration level of H+ ions is increase. As it is made of natural minerals, no chemical is added thus providing a better and safe environment for fish to grow. No Parasites, Pathogens and viruses. “3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” is sintered and processed at a high temperature which is free from parasites, microorganisms, bacteria and other fungi thus making it is safe, convenient and reliable. High Performance, low shock “3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” can increase PH value of 0.5 to 1.5 in 1 ton of water after 1 to 3 days use. Unlike other pharmaceuticals and chemical available in the market which increases the PH in a short period of time, causing the PH to swing and PH shock which sometimes might cause death in fishes. Stable PH value “3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” is able to increase the PH value while releasing the bicarbonate and raises the KH value at the same time to achieve a stable PH and act as a buffer, a product of multiple usage. Friendly environment, landscaping, recycling. “3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” is a natural mineral composition that is harmless to the environment. As “3DM PH⊕ Bio-Ring” is a porous material, it can be used as a filter medium to cultivate nitrifying beneficial bacteria after the function has wear off promoting a responsible act for the environment.


SKU: FM199000300