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• Specially formulated to treat Dropsy / Cloudy Eye / Columnaris ( Fin Rot ) • Safe and effective • Easy to use The Asian Arowana or ‘Dragon Fish’ has long been regarded as a symbol of power, wealth and prosperity amongst the Chinese due to its striking resemblance to the Dragon. Immensely powerful yet elegant, it carries itself with an air of distinction and nobility that makes it highly sought after by hobbyists around the world. However, even with the best man-made environment, differences still exist between conditions found in nature and in the aquarium. An Arowana, like any other creature, can easily be infected once its resistance to disease is low. It is important to recognize these symptoms early and treat them before they fester. Qian Hu Corporation Limited with more than 20 years’ experience of rearing and breeding Asian Arowana, would like to introduce the OF® Arowana Series of specialist treatments for some of the common diseases afflicting these majestic fishes.


SKU: MD357000300
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