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PRO - NITRO CYCLE FORMULATION CAPSULES - THE LEADING AQUARIUM BENEFICIAL BACTERIA 100% natural and organic with no harmful chemicals, safe for all live-stock. Suitable for Established or New Freshwater, Planted and Marine aquariums. Microbac is a special formulation of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and micro-organism consisting of more than seven major bacteria species and strains ( aerobic and anaerobic type ) like yeast, nitrosomonas, nitrobacter, photosynthetic bacteria, and a special strain of beneficial bacteria. Advanced encapsulation methods allow the bacteria to be packed in concentrated form and activated upon contact with water. Microbac is natural and organic, easy to use and livestock-safe; it is now widely accepted and used by fish breeders and both casual and serious hobbyist. No other product comes close. Features & Benefits:  1. Effectively disintegrate ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and orangic substances 2. Disintegrate organic waste like fish feces or left over fish food 3. Reduce B.O.D and C.O.D and increase the Oxygen 4. Effectively build a balance aquarium ecosystem 5. Prevent and reduce “ Green Water ” problems 6. Help to control pathogenic bacteria growth, effectively prevent some disease 7. Improve the performance of the filter / filtration system, cost saving 8. Strengthen photosynthesis, better and healthy plant growth 9. Improve immune system, reduce disease 10. Speedy regenerating aquatics plants / under gravel, to avoid “ Dead Angle ” in the tank or pond 11. Help to reduce protein, sludge, organic grease and rejuvenize pond soil 12. Maintain superior water quality for giant fish ( carnivorous ) like arowana, stingray, cichlid etc 13. Help in inducing the colour pigment of the fishes naturally 14. Stabilizing marine water quality 15. Contain special mineral, trace element, a secret toward successful marine tank 16. Extended shelf life and longer life span 17. Obtain from nature, environmental friendly and economical 18. Go through long term testing in laboratory / farm, very safe and reliable


SKU: MD336000300
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