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Nature Earth introduces the wholesome goodness only found in the wild river-beds and natural water bodies into your home aquarium. A 100% natural extract from rich volcanic earth and river bed deposits formed through the ages, it contains trace mineral elements commonly lacking in home aquarium environment. Features & Benefits: • 100% natural and organic with minerals and trace elements. • Naturally removes harmful heavy metal, chemicals and toxic substances. • Clarifies water and stabilizes water conditions. • Accelerates fish growth and strengthens overall health and immune system. • Naturally intensifies fish coloration and scale shine. • Rich source of essential minerals for aquatic plants without causing algae bloom. • Contains active negative ions which binds harmful toxins into larger particles that can be effectively and safely removed through filtration. • 100% safe and encourages cultivation of beneficial bacteria in aquarium. • Creates a rich, natural and safe environment only found in wild when added periodically to aquarium.


SKU: WC203000300
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