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• Safe for Livestock

• Easy to Use

• Effective

• No water change

• Fast Results

• Colorless OF Zero Algae is the exciting new solution to your aquarium’s algae problems. After extensive research and experiments with various algae types ( Brown Algae, Green Algae, Red Brush Algae, Blue-Green Algae, Hair Algae and Beard Algae etc ), OF Zero Algae is found to control Algae growth effectively and efficiently in a natural manner while ensuring that it is harmless to your livestock and most aquatic plants. Furthermore unlike traditional algaecides, water change is unnecessary after dosing; saving aquarist much time and inconveniences. Zero Algae works by damaging the essential enzymes needed by the algae for survival, thus killing off the algae. Generally, results can be observed after one cycle of treatment, when the algae turn whitish and start to die off after a couple of days. Hardier forms of algae will require approximately 7-14 days to die off. In the unlikely event that some algae remain, repeat the treatment 10 days after completing the first treatment cycle. As Zero Algae is harmless to beneficial bacteria, weekly dosage can be repeated to inhibit further algae growth.


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