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Guard-1 • Speedily neutralize Chloroamine ( most recent additive in tap water to kill harmful bacteria ) • For fast removing of chlorine and chloramines too • Remove heavy metals and toxic chemicals • Protection of fish gills and reduction of fish environmental stress • A must have product for water changes Anti-Parasite & fungus-2 • Made specifically for treatment of KOI “Sleeping Disease” • For the treatment of White Spot, Cloudy Eyes, Body Slime and Velvet Disease • Cotton wool disease and fungus can be treated as well Anti-Ulcer, Internal / External Bactericide-3 • Specifically for the treatment of KOI Ulcer ( body rot, tail rot, fin rot, gill rot ) • For the treatment of Dropsy, Popping Eyes and abnormal body discoloration as well • Blood streaks and external bacteria infection


SKU: MD204000300
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