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• Highest concentration of stable purified bacterial spores and excellent extra cellular enzym production

• Special “Denitrification” by Ocean Free Super Battle Bacteria. ( Convert the toxic ammonia to nitrite, nitrite to nitrate, nitrate to nitrogen gas )

• Extended Shelf Live, guarantee high bacterial counts. ( Over 52 billion cell count per gram of powder )

• More effective and speedy regenerating to aquatic plants / under gravel filter gravels

• Break down large complex organic compounds quickly and effectively. ( Sludge )

• Not only Aerobic & Anaerobic but also facultative growth capabilities

• Solve green water and aglae problem and help to prevent fish disease

• Control odors while reducing the C.O.D. and B.O.D.

• For new & old tank / pond. Fast establishment

• Non pathogenic, environmentally safe


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