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• Secure and safe way to increase carbonate hardness ( KH ) • Stabilize PH value and promote healthy plant growth • Essential for living marine corals Ocean Free Super KH+ is the safety way to increase carbonate hardness ( KH ) for freshwater and saltwater aquarium setups. Carbonate hardness ( KH ) is the measure of bicarbonates dissolved in the tank water. A deplete of KH value would have adverse effect on aquatic plants and corals. This is usually caused by PH plunge leading to acidic water. Ocean Free Super KH+ will safety buffer the PH value and stabilize the value. The PH value would not plunge (unstable) and this will lead to stable KH value as well. Most fresh water aquarium tanks should have a KH value of 3˚dH - 10˚dH while marine tanks should be between 10˚dH - 15˚dH.


SKU: WC071000300
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