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REEFSTART is a scientifically formulated bacteria and enzyme starter to optimize the nitrification and de-nitrification process in both new setups and established marine aquariums.


REEFSTART’s quick-start formula ensures nitrifying bacteria establishes quickly in the bio-filtration, and at the same time providing essential enzymes that helps break down toxic organic compounds while the bio-filtration is being colonized. This makes REEFSTART very useful when starting up new filter-systems and maintaining healthy aquariums.


Features and Benefits:

1. Suitable for newly setup and established aquariums.

2. Bacteria count of more than 7.5 billion CFU per ml of liquid. 3. Detoxifies and break-down Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and organic waste.

4. Fast and effective break down of toxic organic compounds. 5. Extended shelf life guarantees high bacterial count after activation.

6. Increases D.O ( Dissolved Oxygen ) level in aquarium by reducing C.O.D. Chemical Oxygen Demand and B.O.D Biological Oxygen Demand.

7. Non-pathogenic, environmentally safe.


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